Titz (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany: The perfect target

Translated by Act for freedom now!
On the night of Saturday 27 to Sunday 28 October, four buses of the “Tirtey” bus company were set on fire at Titz near the open-air mine. The danage is estimated to be over 400,000 euros. The incendiary attack was not claimed, but it clearly speaks for itself, in a local context of direct struggle against a coal mining project and repression.
This “Tirtey” company is now well known for its collaboration in the lignite mine project in the Hambach forest. This fire has brought to light (and this is the case to say it!) the role it plays both in promoting this death project but also in terms of repression of the people fighting in the area.
On the one hand, it chartered buses for the pro-RWE demonstration of miners from North Rhine-Westphalia to Elsdorf. Wednesday, October 24 the company took about 30,000 miners to this pro-mine demonstration. It is what makes the miners say that the attack is definitely coming from opponents of the Hambach Forest project. On the other hand, the police used buses from the bus operator to pick up the arrested persons during the “Ende Gel„nde” event on Saturday, during which hundreds people blocked the building site and the machines. Several buses of Tirtey have thus shuttled between Hambach Forest and the comico of Aachen, as good collaborator of the cops and the repression.
According to the local newspapers, “Tirtey is a family-owned business based in R”dingen near Cologne. It employs 75 people. Apart from the fact that it makes itself available to support the RWE exploiter in its ultra-polluting and capitalist project, it organizes trips for groups, associations, tourist stays and school trips … Moreover, the bus company was put under police protection all day Wednesday, the day of the pro-mine demonstration.
But it’s not sure that the boss of “Tirtey”, Sven Mllejans, really understood the flaming message, as the latter said to the rag the Bild “he is not being intimidated”: “I will continue to take the miners to demonstrate. Act then. But it’s certainly only a question of time.

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