Italy: Updates on Anarchist comrade Paska’s hunger strike and appeal for solidarity

Updates on Paska 10 \ 11 \ 18:
Paska let us know that he has been moved to isolation and that he will remain there for 15 days in a closed regime. He has only half an hour of air and spends the rest of the time alone in the cell, for movements he always has an escort of 2-3 guards and visits are done separately, the door open and with guards at the door. He has obvious signs on his face of the beating right before the 8/11 hearing, which he tried to denounce in court but was prevented from doing by the judge who peremptorily ordered that he be brought out by the guards. He tried to get medical reports of the blows (he took hard blows on the head and back) but the doctor did not report anything, for this reason he intends to ask for a ban on meeting with doctors and nurses.
Despite this, Paska holds on and continues his struggle head held high.
We are launching this invitation to the gathering at the prison of La Spezia 18\11\18 at 15:00.
A small gesture in solidarity with Paska, repeatedly object of harassment by the prison administration of La Spezia prison and on hunger strike since 5 November. Currently he is in isolation.
May our enemies know that our comrades are not alone.
Below is a downloadable file that anyone can fax to the prison of La Spezia and the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Black is the colour we like …
Solidarity with all the accused and those arrested for operation” Panico”.
fax prison La Spezia 0187512340
fax proxy of Florence 055/4226900
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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