Köln and Berlin, Germany – Attacks in solidarity with the Hambach resistance

Köln, 2nd October 2018
Dear IGBCE unionists,
Tonight we visited your Köln headquarters in Aachener Straße because we think: You must change! Now you’ll say paint and stones are not arguments to be used in debates in the workplace and about our future energy sources. This was also what Gerken and Boels construction machinery hirers thought until not long ago, as they decidedly helped the cops’ eviction of the Hambach forest with their forklifts. Now they think differently. Sometimes extraordinary events are needed to succeed in overcoming old fossilized ways of thinking.
And here we come to the core of what we want: You have to get over your president’s dinosaur position! The end of carbon fuel energy has been decided and it will come before your gymnast leader asks for it along with the obsolete RWE directors. Considering the urgency of the problems caused by climate change, it would be absurd to put off the end of carbon fuel to 2045.

Start doing what unions should do. That is, represent their own point of view! It’s not only idiotic but also costly to think that their point of view should be the same as that of RWE directors. Up to eight years ago, RWE defended nuclear power (as they now defend carbon fuel) with the same alternative arguments: ‘If you take out the plug, basic supplies will be compromised …’. You repeated the same arguments like parrots to no avail and you gave a very poor performance. Since then you have failed to take an independent political stance with the intent of gaining better conditions for yourselves with determination (against the group management). Do you want to make the same mistake again?
Our forecast: RWE will get massive compensation for an early end of coal. If you don’t struggle for this now, you won’t get anything. Demand the necessary end of coal and for solid changes in workplaces, including requalification financed by RWE. Make these claims stronger with strikes and muted sabotage. A 40-hour week and free weekends are not to be obtained by unions that seek for groups’ sympathy. Take a stand! Cancel your agreement on remaining the employer’s social partner. For RWE didn’t support you in any way already with ‘the ending of nuclear power’.

To get other institutions and companies that profit from RWE’s irresponsible politics interested, we attach RWE’s final balance of 2017. From page 18 on, there’s a list of all participant groups. We wish you success with research and for the night visit.
Cologne and Berlin –Attacks in solidarity with the Hambach resistance
Last night [between 10th and 11th October] we lit several incendiary devices outside the entrance of Gaußstraße 11 in the Charlottenburg neighbourhood, Berlin. This solidarity fire is against the company RWE-Innogy, whose premises are located at that address, and it is the expression of the links we feel we have with the squatters of the Hambach forest. Even if deforestation has been temporarily suspended, it’s too early to celebrate. RWE’s and other energy companies’ destructive machinations are continuing in other places without them being slightly disturbed. RWE supply the fuel that make world capitalism function, whose existence is based on exploitation, control and the destruction of humans and nature.
Besides the company and its lackeys, which have a contract with the State as private enterprises, lying politicians and their servants in judge’s gowns are also part of this misery. They all act in the service of capital, as events in recent weeks tell us. That’s why we shouldn’t be deceived by the justice’s promises and decisions because it’s the very justice that carries out deportations and locks up our friends in prison on the pretext of protection from fires.
For freedom and revolt!
Love and strength to those in prison!
Fire and flames to RWE!

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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