The Local Kids – Issue 2 – Autumn 2018

A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those
who desire anarchy and subversion.
It occurs, sometimes, this feeling of being in the right spot. Then
someone says or does something that upsets the perceived balance of
things, and the moment evaporates.
For only a moment it was. And it begs
the question; can belonging in a place be part of an anarchist life?
Resisting to go with the flow of this society, contradicting
hierarchical relationships, refusing to take part in cliches. Not
exactly characteristics that go well with the seemingly effortless
fitting in that this age of selfies advertises. Feeling estranged,
sensing a distance with your surroundings is recurrent. And at times so
chronic that leaving becomes a first, necessary step to being present
again somewhere (else).
But mostly one holds on to a place because
besides all that repulses there is still more that attracts. Then the
art is to not smother its contradictions in indifference or to smooth
them out in illusions of unity, but to turn them in open confrontation
based on the proposal for a different, liberated life. And maybe it is
in these subversive relationships, that one can find a place.
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