Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy : Morning, hearing in court for Davide Delogu. Evening, greetings outside the prison of Massama

Yesterday morning a hearing of the trial against Davide took place concerning the alleged preparation of an escape from the old prison of Buoncammino in Cagliari. Davide was allowed to make a spontaneous declaration and read out a four-page communique (which we hope to attach the recording or the transcription of soon).
At the end of the declaration, often interrupted by the judge, the thirty in solidarity inside the courtroom gave such a long ovation that the forces of order had to clear the courtroom and the judge declared the end of the hearing, putting it off to 31st October.

Important information to those who write to Davide regularly and those intending to: Davide probably won’t be back in Augusta prison for the next twenty days (that is to say until the next hearing) but will be held in the prison of Massama, near Oristano; this is the address:
Davide Delogu
C.C. Salvatore Soro
Loc. Su Pedriaxiu, Massama
09170 Oristano
Yesterday evening a group of comrades went to Massama to give quick greetings to Davi and all the other prisoners. Firecrackers, torches and fireworks accompanied the shouts of greetings.  Some shouts and whistles could be heard from the inside in spite of the distance and the bad weather.
As they went back to their cars the comrades were stopped and identified and their cars searched, which took a few hours.
Last night’s long events confirm an obvious increase in repression and control against any form of dissent and solidarity. It won’t be searches, arrests or bugs to stop us.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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