Bergamo, Italy : Sunday, December 2 /18 : ANTI-HUNTING WALK .

Sunday, December 2: ANTI-HUNTING WALK with meeting at piazzale della malpensata square (BG) h 06.00
“Also this year we want to get ready for the organizational assembly of the fifteenth meeting for animal and land liberation with an anti-hunting walk in the woods, the aim being to make this horrible practice difficult, if not impracticable for hunters. The hunting season is a time of joy for hunters, in fact they will rise before dawn to be in position at the first sunrise, for the simple purpose of killing as many birds as possible and therefore we would like to organize ourselves in such a way as to be there before the first shot is fired What in practice is a walk with whistles and other noisy objects, can effectively prevent the killing of many animals, proving that sometimes it takes very little to make thought become reality. Thought that goes beyond the specific issue of hunting and extends to a more general critique of a hierarchical system that creates categories of individuals that are sacrificable”.

Then follows lunch and the organizational assembly for the “XV MEETING OF ANIMAL AND EARTH LIBERATION”
“Like every year the first meeting of the organizational path of the meeting for animal and earth liberation will be held in Bergamo, open to all those who share a radical critique of the system of exploitation of the earth and of all animals and non-animals. These preparative  assemblies, like the annual meeting, are proposed as moments of confrontation and deepening awareness, necessary to get to know each other and to undermine the specist and anthropocentric logics that surround us and which are the pillars of this gear-driven world that grinds every form of wild existence “.
At: “LA PIRALIDE” documentation space – via del galgario 11/13 Bergamo.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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