Buenos Aires, Argentina: Anarchist Comrade Wounded in Bomb Attack, Several Arrests

Wednesday, November 14th, in Buenos Aires, almost simultaneously, two locations were attacked with bombs. The first attack, at the Recoleta cemetery, failed unfortunately. The bomb exploded in the hands of one of the two people carrying out the action. It was aimed at the tomb of Ramón Falcón, a police chief who was
responsible for the murder of 11 protesters on May 1st, 1909, and who was assassinated several months later by the anarchist Simón Radowitzky. The comrade who led the attack is in a serious condition in hospital and the comrade who accompanied her was arrested.
A few hours later, a bomb was thrown at the house of Federal Judge Claudio Bonadi. The comrade who led the attack was quickly arrested as well.
On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, 10 people were arrested in a Buenos Aires squat.
As a reminder, the G20 in Buenos Aires begins in 2 weeks.
[Summary from the Argentine press, as soon as more information is published by Argentine comrades, we will publish it]
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