Besançon, France: Two vehicles of the town hall burned – 22 November 2018

Two vehicles of the town hall burned in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, November 22 in Besançon.
On Thursday, a friend who lives in Avenue de la Vaitte noticed a big black mark on the asphalt, precisely at the spot where a utility vehicle from the town hall had been parked the night before.
Another friend, who usually passes through the Battant / Marulaz neighbourhood, actually came face to face with a completely burned out car in front of the CCAS, at the end of Vignier Street. Again, it was the only car of the organisation that was always parked in the same place.
Going up to Place Siffert and rue de Dole, a breakdown truck towing acar that was lightly burned on one side passed by. The person does not know if there were any others.
[Posted on indymedia nantes, Saturday, November 24, 2018]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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