Reunion Island: From black anger to generalised insurrection?

This Wednesday 21/11/18 , the island is blocked: shops, schools, colleges and high schools, administrations and public transport are at a standstill. Dozens of blocks continue to paralyze the economy. The insurrectional climate on the island pushed the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to ask the State for the department to be recognized as “in a state of economic disaster”.
Wednesday, about thirty barricades were still in place. And even if the cops intervened in the morning to unblock access to the SRPP, the island’s only oil depot, many of the service stations are no longer supplied, others are rationed. At midday, hundreds of people clashed with the police and shops were looted at the Port. For its part, and in order to calm the situation, the local government has announced the freezing of fuel taxes for the next three years. It is unlikely that the insurgents, young or old, will be content with a few crumbs granted by the State, even though it is a revolt against the misery that is gaining the island.
On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the first night under curfew, rampage, looting and clashes raged, notably at the Chaudron: the Score store was stormed. If the cops managed to prevent it from being completely looted (but not damaged), they could not do anything to save the reserves at the back of the store, since the containers were looted. Other businesses were vandalized, especially down from the Rivière. Between 9 and 16 cops were reportedly injured during the Chaudron riots, according to the press: a cop succeeded (what a nice shot!) in exploding one of his weapons of war inside a van, injuring himself and his colleagues. “A grenade exploded accidentally in a police vehicle. A GIPN officer then had his right hand torn off. Seriously wounded, he was taken to Bellepierre Hospital.

A major fire occurred at the Sacré-Coeur roundabout at the Port, near the Jumbo shopping centre. The fire took place around 19h in a marquee filled with Christmas toys, located at the end of the car park, by the 4 lanes, and about fifty metres from the new stores of Cape Sacré Coeur. The photovoltaic panels of the parking roof and two cranes were burned.
Still at the Port, a journacop from was assaulted and his equipment stolen.
From hour to hour, anti-riot reinforcements flock to Reunion to try to quell the revolt that keeps going strong. Mobile gendarmes from Strasbourg should arrive in Reunion this Wednesday.
On Sunday, it is the Peugeot concessionary that lost 70 vehicles in a fire caused by jets of molotov cocktails, for a loss exceeding one million euros.
On Monday, the mayors of Saint-Benoît and Saint-Louis received visits to their respective homes, which were turned over and ransacked by insurgents.”One of the looters of PromoCash of Sainte-Marie was sentenced immediately on Tuesday to two years in prison. Two young people unknown to the law who had burned garbage cans were sentenced to five months. About fifteen summonses before the juvenile judge were delivered “.
For their part, island artists are trying to pour water on the fire: “In a video published on networks and shared thousands of times, [they] broadcast a message of peace [social]. Mickaël Pouvin, Nicole Dambreville, Maroni Bazin, Elodie Ayé, Vanille M’Doihoma or Maya Kamaty react to the social crisis shaking Reunion. “
What interests us in seeing this social explosion on the island, is of course not the movement of the Yellow Vests, with their spokespersons or self-proclaimed leaders, who are about to write a list of specific claims for THEIR movement, to seek dialogue with the authorities while dissociating itself from the acts of revolt against the property of the rich and the State, as well as the expropriation of goods. Rather, we see the possibility of extending the conflict in an insurrectional perspective, intervening directly in this social war according to our own modalities and temporalities. For us it is not a question of converging with the yellow vests on their pickets and their blocks, but of contributing to the current disorder, by putting an end to criticizing and being a spectator.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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