Lecce, Italy : A touch of colour

Finally a touch of colour came to cheer the struggle against the TAP, to tear it away from the squalor in which it seemed to have been irretrievably stuck for a long time. A squalor of stamp duties, elections, complaints, denunciations and boundless trust in the judiciary, as the latter seems, after the 5-star politicians’ ‘betrayal’, to be the only hope most opponents of TAP have to block the works.
We don’t know whether the eggs filled with liquid that hit the Lecce premises of the 5-star Movement were thrown because the latter were in fact considered traitors, and after all it is quite an insignificant occurrence; but the interesting thing is something different. What is important is that someone began to see Grillo’s movement exactly for what it is: a political party like all the others, capable of lying and repressing just like any other party when it happens to be in power.
Indeed those eggs should have come a long time ago. They should have already hit Grillo’s followers when they took part in demos, carried banners and discussed amicably with NO TAP members who now feel they have been betrayed and who, unlike some 5-star members, didn’t make amends for their misplaced trust and didn’t admit that in the end the parliamentarians who ‘betrayed’ them were precisely what they deserved.
The few coloured eggs that came today can be considered a sort of democratic equality, considering, as someone noted, that so far only the PD premises had been targeted. An equal condition which should transmit an all too banal message, that is to say parties and politicians are all the same, and we should never trust them in order to get something.
Should we wait for the judiciary to establish that there is nothing illegal [with TAP] and give the go ahead for the continuation of the works before the next eggs strike it and its men, or for once will we be able to anticipate the times without waiting or complaining about yet another ‘betrayal’?
Translated by act for freedom now!

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