Madrid, Spain : Attacks on estate agencies and banks

With some delay we are making it known that on 17th October an attack was carried out on an estate agency in the Carabanchel neighbourhood; windows were smashed with hammers and “war on capitalist speculation” was written on the wall. Many Madrid neighbourhoods are currently being threatened by various speculation processes in the context of the state and capital’s project of constant transformation of the city as an essential element of the world of exploitation and misery. The result of the project is that the exploited who live in these neighbourhoods are having more big multinationals inflicted on them, the invasion of lobbies, police control, rent increases and the constant persecution of occupied places: estate agencies play a principle role in this process, so it is important to identify them as enemies. The ways of attack are many and diversified.
Solidarity with CSOA [anarchist occupied social centre] La Gatonera, CSO [occupied social centre] Ca La Trava… and with all the occupied social centres that resist and attack!
Solidarity with the comrades struck on 29th October in Madrid, the comrades hit by repression following the revolt against the G20 in Hamburg, Lisa and the comrades struck by the State in Russia, Argentina, Italy (Scripta Manent, Operation Panico…) and in other parts of the world!
Between 8th and 12th November more than 20 cash machines were destroyed with hammers in the neighbourhood of Carabanchel, in solidarity with two young anarchists arrested in Madrid.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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