Turin, Italy : Two comrades of Cassa AntiRep on trial

On Monday 19th November a trial took place at Turin court
against two comrades of the Cassa AntiRep delle Alpi
Occidentali [Anti-repression Fund of the Western Alps] following
a furious confrontation with plain clothes carabinieri in
December 2017.
The trial ended with an 8-month sentence for the two comrades
for resistance and damage, but the custody measures inflicted
on them since 21st March were annulled.
Here follows the declaration read in court by the defendants.
Against uniforms, prisons, measures and restrictions!
As we are here in court today and have decided to take part in
the trial with our declaration, we are not doing so in order to go
through the technical terms of the specific events for which we
are on trial: we know very well that in a reconstruction by
members of the forces of order, with no witnesses – however
patchy, adulterated and contradictory this might be – our
version of things would not be worth much.
Rather we are taking the chance to not avail by our silence to
recourse to custody measures with objectively repressive and
punitive functions, recourse which has been increasingly
consolidated as normal routine, especially by the Prosecutors of
this city, but not only.

As a matter of fact, compulsory residence orders, prohibition of
residence orders, cautions and special surveillance measures
have become privileged instruments with the purpose of
persecuting people and collective milieus that express a critical
attitude towards the established order, beyond the penal
relevance of the behaviour attributed to them. Therefore we
believe that these instruments, along with an ever increasing
and invasive presence of men in uniforms and apparatuses of
control everywhere, are among the many signs of how the
society we find ourselves in is developing in more and more
authoritarian, discriminatory and repressive terms.
Now, without overlooking the repressive content of other similar
measures, we are taking our case as an example: since 21st
March we have been forced to sign at a police station every day
(reduced to three days a week for one of the accused), a police
station situated 20 kilometres away from our homes, that is to
say almost 8 months of daily obligations for a confrontation
whose consequences were objectively of very little importance.
A limitation of personal freedom, a remarkable waste of energy
and financial resources, which actually represents a true
sentence that we have served while waiting for the court to
express itself on our being guilty or not guilty.
A cunning judicial mechanism to which insult is added: in case
of conviction, the period of limited freedom that we have already
served can’t be counted by law.
We are convinced that the Law is only one of the many levers
meant to force people’s lives into the orders of an unjust and
prevaricating system. And it’s for this reason that in these dark
times of dependency on such an order, we hope, also with this
declaration, to give our contribution to widespread awareness
and take a stand in the face of the mechanisms of individual
and social control and coercion.
Those on trial

Translated by act for freedom now!

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