Cremona, Italy : Pen in uniform

Journalist: a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them.
Karl Kraus
For a while around here, any time the emblematic spectre of the Kavarna ends up under the spotlight of public opinion through the local press, it is associated with a web of political and interpersonal relations that make a place, the self-managed barn located in Cascinetto, appear like an organization with clear identity features, even with a leader at its helm!
Should there be any need to repeat it, Kavarna is not a political organization, but a physical place around which different individualities and projectualities intertwine, whose only common denominator is the refusal of authority and hierarchies. Needless to say, this experimentation of an anarchist character can’t coincide with the picture that journalists, who don’t interest themselves in the object of their articles, would like to give to this place and the people who frequent it in various ways. We also find it superfluous to reflect on the deontology of journalism while the latter has become the police’s public mirror; it would be more interesting to ask why some journalists continue to be perceived differently to the way that the cops are.
What we want to note is how the image of a hierarchically structured political organization is functional to a repressive attack which finds its battlefield in juridical language: transforming free relations of solidarity into a hierarchical structure with its share of leaders and led has been a deterrent that in recent years has allowed the police in various cities to have their revenge against those who promote certain social conflicts and defend certain forms of action. To invent roles and hierarchies ad hoc has become one of the favourite hobbies of repression, where the cop, the judge and the journalist become the actors under one single direction, built on the penal code of mafia-style crimes of association and thrown against those it considers undesirables, regardless of the relations and affections of these pains in the ass.

We are not interested in discussing anything with those who are paid to sensationalize our lives, even less can we foresee in detail the repressive instruments that will be used to suppress our projects; what we can do is stress our contempt for any political and cultural apparatus imbued with infamy and authority, in which even simple graffiti on a wall turn into something like war crimes, and against which we’ll continue to cultivate opposition, with all our virtues and vices.
The diversity of signs and where they are engraved is not only a difference of language but above all is another way of looking at the world.
Stray dogs and hotheads
Translated by act for freedom now!

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