Netherlands : Anarchist walk through the Schilderswijk

Last night  15/12/18 a dozen anarchists made a walk through the Schilderswijk in Den Haag. Five banners were hung at different locations and flyers were spread with the title “Solidarity with those who revolt”.
Thousands of small leaflets were also spread all over the area with the text: ”These nights are for Alexis: murdered by the Greek police ten years ago. For the revolt. For anarchy.”
Flyer text:
Solidarity with those who revolt
This December marks 10 years since the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos, who was shot dead by the Greek police. His death started a month long revolt that spread throughout Greece and beyond. This revolt made it possible for people to open up news ways of organisation and see a new world, by reject the authority of the state.
Ten years later the idea of revolt is surfacing again. For multiple weeks there has been unrest in France and people demand the resignation of the president. The protests began as a reaction against the increase in diesel prices, but have now snowballed into a general insurrection against the power of the state. A state that only benefits the rich. The movement has no leader, no political party that controls it and no political line. The so-called demands that have been composed by various assemblies reflect only one thing: this entire economic and political system can go to hell!
“We are not dogs you can keep in a cage!” – prisoners in Curacao
This week prisoners in Curacao revolted against the bad conditions they are being held captive in. The food they receive is rotten and the medical care is not up to standard. The prisoners demand an immediate solution and refuse to talk to any intermediaries, they demand to speak to the minister.
The French state has already imprisoned hundreds of people after the riots that occurred throughout the country. But as the prisoners in Curacao demonstrate: even in a prison a revolt is not to be suppressed!
Long live the revolt!
Long Live Anarchy!


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