Athens, exarchia area : Bar for the Support of Political Prisoners and Prosecuted Combatants every Thursday from 7p.m. At GARE Squat (Kallidromiou 74)

The vindictiveness of the state over political -and not only- prisoners is nothing but policy and strategy that is applied on the same scale in the outside world with specific targets and aims. Prison is a place where the capitalistic planning and the class character of the social relations are depicted, enclosure is a means of attack against those who resist and struggle, so that they get weakened, therefore constitutes one more battlefield. So, the struggle goes on the same, behind bars or not, it is collective and indivisible from the wide revolt movement.
We stand along with the political prisoners who through their activity and stance combat oppression and object to it from a position of solidarityfor the freedom of all, UNTIL THE DEMOLITION OF THE LAST PRISON.

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