Chile : Request for the annulment of a sentence against comrade Joaquin Garcia is rejected

On 19th November 2018 the court of appeal San Miguel decided to reject the annulment of the sentence and trial of anarchist comrade Joaquin Garcia Chanks.
In view of this, the 13-year sentence against the comrade has been confirmed after he was accused of placing an explosive device at the 12th police station and of carrying a gun. This has become one of the longest sentences of this kind. As the police continue to operate their raids of blood, torture and death, let’s not remain indifferent towards those who are in prison and are accused of having attacked them [the police].
All our support and insurrectional solidarity go to comrade Joaquin Garcia!
It won’t be years [in prison] or sentences that will make us step back even of a millimetre in the struggle against authority.
For the liberation of all the prisoners of social war and for the destruction of all prisons!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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