Thessaloniki, Greece : 3 migrants sentenced to 6 years in prison for riots in a detention center

On August 22, 2018, there were riots inside the police detention center of Metagogon, just outside of Thessaloniki. The police accused 3 migrants for inciting the riot. The court took place on the 3rd of September and they got 6 YEARS! During the trial, both the police and the court were provocative, the judges and the prosecutor were saying that “not even they come into our country, but they dare to rebel against imprisonment. they come, we welcome them, but they cannot stand some months of prison” and things like that. The case will be re-examined in about one year from now, and the migrants will be in prison until then.
This is just an example of numerous other cases, where migrants get the highest of penalties just because they are migrants

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