Argentina : About the recent repressive attack by the Argentinian State

On 14th November two specific events occurred in the city of Buenos Aires, which raised media interest and a prompt police/judiciary response.
In the afternoon, at the Recoleta cemetery, more precisely by a tombstone dedicated to colonel Ramon Falcon (who was executed by comrade Simón Radowitzky), a bomb explodes and comrade Anahi Salcedo is injured; she is taken to the Fernandez hospital, where she is being held in custody, with injures to her face and skull, having lost three fingers of one hand and been put in an induced coma. Comrade Hugo Rodriguez was arrested at the same place.
A few hours later, a bomb was thrown at the house of Federal Judge Claudio Bonadi (notorious for his iron and fist attitude, with a memorable past in the iron guard youth, a Peronist fascist group, and his current hostile and repressive practices and discourses against sectors and individuals opposed to the current order). Comrade Marcos Viola was arrested and accused of throwing another explosive device at the judge’s car.

In the early hours of that day and the following days several anarchist places, squats, social places and private homes were searched, resulting in 12 people being arrested.
Those arrested were first taken to Via Cavia 2200, where an anti-terrorism squad operates, then to a police station in Via Madariaga; finally on Saturday morning they were taken to the tribunal of Comodoro Py, in front of judge Ercolini and public prosecutor Di Lello, where they spent 72 hours in uncertain conditions, isolated and under who knows what other kind of abuse inflicted by the ever present wretches.
Afterwards two people were released, whereas 10 comrades in total were accused of organized crime, public intimidation and possession of explosive material. Thus the two actions were linked to one single cause.
It must be said that the ministry of the interior, led by Patricia Bullrich, in collaboration with chief of police Nestor Roncaglia and supported by the press, have started and encouraged a sort of collective psychosis, whereby suspicious parcels are turning up in every corner, roads are being closed, operations are carried out, two youths are arrested following an anonymous report and accused of belonging to Hezbollah, and the road is being paved for the G20 summit to be scheduled in peace and without incidents or disruptions which might be caused by anarchists and others.
For the moment all this is said with caution; we know that other places are under surveillance, and so are specific persons as the government itself confirmed that over 100 telephones belonging to specific activists are being tapped and that investigations on actions that have been occurring in the city since 2005 (some claimed by anarchists, some others not) are being reopened.
The call is clear and doesn’t leave space for double interpretations.
Any act of concrete solidarity is welcome and desirable. Let’s not leave the comrades kidnapped by the State alone; let’s spread the attack constantly and without fear.
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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