Vorarlberg, Austria: Banners against domination – December 24 2018

In the darkness of Christmas Eve, we went out.
to express our discontent with the dominant relationships in
hanging banners all over Vorarlberg!

The political landscape and the general opinion of people are always more

Why are you satisfied?

Why are not you angry?

We so!

We are not celebrating anything, let alone a Christmas of meditation.

As long as people drown in the Mediterranean, people will be
expelled to certain death, that sexist assholes will be at
power and that we will not be able to freely decide where we live,
who we love and how we spend our time, we do not always
are not free!

We are still being prosecuted by repression.

We are always oppressed by power relations.

Freedom for political prisoners!

Freedom for all!

Down borders!

Down with the capital!

For anarchy!

Let’s live freely – let’s be ungovernable!

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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