Berlin, Germany: incendiary sabotage of a prison profiteer in solidarity with the accused of the Elbchaussee trial in Hamburg (Anti-G20)

Columns of smoke escaping from the roofs of the rich district of Elbchaussee, helicopters turning in the sky. By far, that was what let some early-bird residents guess that something was going on, perhaps beyond the statements of the riot police and secret services. A crowd of hooded people
pursued their goal of publicizing their vision of things, destroying both in a targeted and blind manner a tiny part of this world of prosperity.
A wonderful sign. A street of cars in flames, souls completely helpless absolutely not wanting to understand why they had just been the victim of this useless violence. We have a great mark of respect for the risk that people had been ready to take.
After all, it already seemed to appear on the radar of all the intelligence services, before the summit, that the limits of the city were going to be surpassed. A moment of offensive demonstration, whose character has only rarely been achieved in this country.

Since 18 December, five comrades from Frankfurt, Offenbach and from France have been going before the higher regional court of Hamburg. They are accused of having been part of this ride. The relevant items are films and video material that the cops have analysed in detail . They claim to be able to identify people in a cohort of hooded individuals dressed all in black.
Through its propaganda since the summer of 2016, the special “Black Bloc” commission has been seeking to write a scenario in which it will never again be possible, for any autonomous ones, to be able to run in a wild demo (like that of the Elbchaussee) without being unmasked.
By collaborating beyond the borders with all the European pigs protecting the States, this special commission maintains to have destroyed the cooperation of internationalist criminal structures.
Even though the trials and raids of the last eighteen months have left their mark on the anti-authoritarian structures, this propaganda remains useless vis-à-vis our hateful attitude towards
the State.
We will continue to follow the trial with the desire to attack and wish the accused persons much strength and endurance, in court and especially for the future.
As an act of offensive solidarity with the accused, two vehicles company KONE were burned on November 27 and December 20 in districts of Lichtenberg and Friedrichshain in Berlin. The KONE systems of locking doors in Berlin prisons in particular allow prisoners to be deprived of their freedom.
We were able to see the atmosphere outside and inside the courtroom and during the demo the day before in Hamburg, and are overjoyed by the solidarity and attention paid to the
people targeted. After all, there have already been too many accused whose trials have hardly captured any attention in the so-called scene and whose judgments will therefore force some of them not to move from there.
Neither guilty nor innocent!
Let’s defend the Hamburg riots!

AG¹ Elbchaussee

[Translated from indymedia Deutschland, 23.12.2018]
¹For Aktiengesellschaft: this would translate into French as “Société
Anonnyme (SA) “.
via:  Sans_Attendre

Translated from french by Act for freedom now!

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