Italy : ”Operation Panico” trial: report on the hearing of December 20

A hearing of the” operation Panico” trial took place today. The only accused present in court was Paska, and a few people of the public. Yesterday Paska was notified he had been assigned article 14bis for three months and went to court to discuss this with his lawyer. He asked a lawyer to tell us not to worry if we hadn’t come, it was impossible for him to let us know he’d in the court at such short notice.
With his lawyer, he decided not to ask for the annulment of article14bis; his detention now consists of remaining in the unit but in a single cell, without a gas stove or TV. A claim had been submitted for house arrest at his mother’s home in Martinsicuro, given the time he has already spent in prison and the fact that he had already been released and then re-arrested, so it’s not clear why a custodial measure is still being maintained. The judges will defer their decision until after they know the prosecutor’s opinion and will probably give an answer around December 27/28.
As concerns the issue of the admissibility of bugging interceptions, the judges will pronounce themselves later on, so for now nothing has been decided.

The hearing was shorter than expected as half of the witnesses (the people who claimed they were assaulted or robbed on 25th April) did not turn up. The Melograno cop witnesses concluded, contradicting themselves considerably regarding the statements they gave at the first Melograno trial (that against Ale, Michele and Fra). Some of the defendants were not recognised by the witnesses either concerning the Melograno or the 25th April case, others were.
The future dates of the trial were also fixed. Here is the new calendar:
31st January 12pm
12th February 11pm
14th February 10:30pm
21st February 9am
28th February 9am
7th March 12pm
12th March 11am
13th March 9am
14th March 9am
On 31/1 will probably see the last witnesses for 25th April case and the start of the two specific ones concerning Bargello. New Year’s Eve will be the subject of one of the first February dates, when the prosecutor will describe how the DNA samples were taken and Paola Montagna, a forensic expert, will give a statement. Bomb disposal expert Mario Vece’s medical report has been submitted, but the prosecutors haven’t nominated any other witnesses for the reconstruction of the 1st January events. After the phone trapping transcripts .

via:  Inferno Urbano
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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