Milan, Italy : Meeting in solidarity with those on trial for ”operation Scripta Manent”

The first part of the trial for operation ”Scripta Manent’‘, for which seven comrades have been locked up in pre-trial detention for over two years, is due to end in the early months of 2019, with the first-grade sentence.
As he’s trying to sentence our comrades for subversive association with terrorist intent as well as for specific crimes, hangman Sparagna wants to put the last twenty years of the history of anarchy and anarchist solidarity on trial.
The hearings for the prosecutor’s final speech have been fixed for 22nd and 23rd January 2019, although these dates could be changed on 15th January.
We have decided to meet on 13th January at 2pm in Milan, at  L’Accerchiata, in order to discuss among comrades the modalities of our presence in court during the prosecutor’s final speech, so as to express our solidarity with those on trial and our anger and disgust towards all hangmen, judges and investigators.
13th January 2pm
Piazza Emilio Alfieri 1,

Translated by act for freedom now!

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