Rovereto – Cash machines damaged and daubed.
Source: L’Adige 19/11/2010
Unknown people have daubed and damaged some cash machines in Rovereto. According to the investigators, the action is to be attributed to people of the anarchist-insurrectionist area.
The group has hit at Unicredit on piazza Leoni, BNL on via Dante and BTB on piazza Nazario Sauro by spoiling the machines with greasy liquid.
Slogans have been spray painted against the centres of identification and deportation for immigrants and the financing of Italian military missions abroad.
Police and carabinieri have started investigating.
Translated from informa-azione.info 
Bologna – Hydrants against prisoners in the immigration detention centre (CIE)
From noinonsiamocomplici.noblogs.org
In the afternoon of 21st November a demo was being held outside the Cie of via Mattei in Bologna in solidarity with the migrants locked up there. As in many other similar occasions, the demonstrators tried to communicate with the prisoners with loud speakers. This time, however, around 5:30pm, police, carabinieri and the army deployed outside and inside the centre, started using hydrants in order to push back migrants who were approaching the gates to communicate with the demonstrators. Hydrants were also fired against demonstrators. The centre was inundated with water. Later the migrants have declared that, in spite of the fact they don’t have any dry clothes, they were happy with the solidarity, the shouting and the slogans they managed to hear.
This nth intimidation is perfectly in line with the infamous deportations of the last days and with the repression of the recent struggle of immigrants in Brescia.
Meantime escapes and revolts in immigration centres do not stop: Milan, Gradisca, Bari, Modena…
On the towers, on the cranes and in the streets the struggle of the oppressed does not stop!
Translated from informa-azione.info.

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