Germany : Action against German and Turkish fascists

In the early hours of 24/10 we set fire to a van of DITIB in Wienerstrasse. We chose the twentieth anniversary of Sehid Ronahi-Andrea Wolf’s death as the day of our action. Andrea was murdered twenty years ago by fascist squads in the Turkish State because she was an internationalist. DITIB, like any other institution, represents the interests of the Turkish fascist State in Germany and in Europe. We dedicate this action to all those who lost their lives in the struggle against fascism.
[25th October 2018]
In the night we smashed the windows of the restaurant Heimspiel in the FC 07 sporting ground in Leipzig and we also painted it in black.

The restaurant is run by nazi Erik Prinz, who on facebook praises internet pages such as those of JN (Junge Nazionale –NPD youths) and AFD, and exhibits right wing leaflets in the restaurant. LFC 07 is not an unknown squad either as only a year ago some of its players participated in a nazi attack in Connewitz on 11/01 (here is a list of the others). That’s why it’s not surprising that a nazi such as Erik Prinz can run undisturbed his restaurant on LFC grounds.
So that nazi shit are never tranquil, memorize their faces and attack them!
Last night we attacked nazi Dietrich’ and Thorben Brosenne’s house in Haegerstrasse 25, Einbeck, with bottles of butyric acid. Next time it will be nazi Maurice Brosenne who lives in the corner and also the other ones.
We know everything about you
We also go to villages
We’ll get you all

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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