Bari and Potenza, Italy : Revolts beak out in local migrant detention centres

A revolt broke out in the CPR [Reception and Repatriation Centre] of Bari Palese tonight, a few days after an attempt at a mass escape.
According to what the forces of order declared to the press, some prisoners set fire to cells, vandalized offices where documents were kept and flooded corridors.
Of course the media talk of ‘guests’ who destroyed ‘residential modules’, as though this were not a concentration camp.
Allegedly the revolt broke out to stop a mass deportation to Nigeria, which was expected during the night. The information circulating at the moment talks of prisoners covered in soap to avoid being held, and also of soapy water preventing the forces of order from charging on the slippery floors.
Several squads of Forces of Order arrived and attacked the rioters, who tried to resist by throwing objects.

For the moment we know that one policeman, two carabinieri and several prisoners were injured. The fire was put out by the fire brigade, working with a number of units. The damage to the structure hasn’t been assessed yet, but it seems the fire reached many areas of the concentration camp.
Let’s support the prisoners’ struggle until only the debris is left of the CPRs.


As in Bari, a deportation flight to Nigeria due these days provoked a reaction and revolt in the migrant detention centre of Palazzo San Gervasio, in the province of Potenza.
At 1am yesterday night the forces of order stormed the cells to take 6 people (and transfer them to the detention centre of Ponte Galeria in Rome for deportation); the cops were met with the resistance of at least 15 prisoners in solidarity with those to be deported. As has happened before, the prisoners pulled out windows, destroyed lights, climbed on to the roof of the structure and threw objects to defend themselves from attempts at capture. Unfortunately the revolt ended with the arrest of two people, who were accused of violence and resistance to public officers and aggravated damage.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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