Italy – News about the New Year’s Day gathering

On the night of New Year’s Eve, like last year, there was a gathering outside the prison of Sollicciano (Florence). In spite of the bitter cold, which was particularly pungent in that horrible area, the night was heated up and brightened by the warm high spirits of the many comrades who came for the occasion. Besides noise and fireworks, some rapper comrades gave us a splendid concert for a couple of hours.
It didn’t look as though there was much response from inside, but from a telephone call this morning we learned that they heard us loud and strong and that it was quite emotional; the guards had previously locked the armoured doors of all the cells, so we couldn’t hear the shouting coming from inside. This is only a small gesture, but we are glad we created some closeness in a night when the feeling of isolation inside becomes more oppressive, while the rest of the world outside celebrates we don’t quite know what.
The night continued with a TAZ in the neighbourhood near the prison with music until 7 in the morning, then we left the area without any trouble.
Until next time!
Panico Anarchico
Translated by act for freedom now!

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