Chile – Issue 29 of anarchist bulletin “La Bomba” is out

In a Black September of commemoration, 20 years after comrade Claudia López’s death, conscious and hooded fighting youths took back the streets. There were many initiatives, actions and words in her memory. Barricades and molotov attacks took place in several university campuses with such devastating power that political leaders got worried. Even before these disorders erupted, police carried out several arrests evoking the spectre of revolution, whereas the press started talking about an anarchist cell. 11 comrades were arrested and accused of having placed and detonated an explosive device against the Association of Judicial Assistants (CAJ) in Melpilla, on 14th May 2017. 3 comrades are still being held in pre-trial detention.
The night helps us to hide delinquent and conscious vandalism, sabotage and armed attacks on those police bastards. 45 years after the beginning of the military coup, the most terrible repression and armed resistance against power. In this issue we affirm that indifference and oblivion don’t exist for those who struggle; no one surrenders and anonymous comrades continue to spread ideas and multiple actions so as not to give up in spite of everything.
Editors of the bulletin “La Bomba”
September 2018, Chile
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Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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