Chile : Black bullets and revolutionary sensitivity: a piece of writing by subversive comrade Juan Aliste Vega

I think that one of the meanings of being revolutionary passes through sensitivity. Sensitivity which allows us to take a stand in the lifestyle imposed by the capitalist supremacy of the ruling class, with its structural links that exercise perpetual control on the lives of millions of men, women and children. Its domination is expanding more and more, trying to control spaces, territories, times, feelings and any trace of freedom still left to us.
Revolutionary sensitivity allows us to take a conscious stand and not only, to acknowledge the reality of facts. We are enemies of the State, and after decades of struggle experienced on our skin we claim the historical continuum of our being subversive. In 2018 we found ourselves in stalemate for over a decade of deaths, persecution and prison, which we have been forced to face as enemies of the capitalist State.

All these years spent as hostages of the prison system served to bring about new complicities and strengthen our paths of struggle, as we are certain of our being subversive, and they gave us the chance to reinvent ourselves and support one another in our perpetual libertarian pulsation.
More than a decade ago – it was not the first time nor will it be the last – we came face to face with the guardians of the ruling class, its capital, politics and luxurious life. Police, who only care to safeguard the property and wealth of the dominant class, stolen from millions of proletarians. Police, who defend those who support a democratic and threatening politic made of pretentious claims and which is based on exploitation, devastation and theft, poisons the earth and all those who live on it. A politic which is made up of laws devised to control and safeguard its commercial interests.
On 18th October 2007 we challenged the structure, with its fetid democracy of teargas and based on theft and the submission of the weakest. Anyone who sits at the government table, be they right or left wing, is of no importance to us. In this reality we realize that justice is synonymous with struggle, that our actions were and are expressions of our being libertarian and that our life force continues to pulsate in the present.
We must be clear, we didn’t challenge specific individuals, we didn’t know them… we fought against what they represented, their police, their institutions, acts and practices. We challenged without hesitation their institutions, history and their present of torture, disappearances, rapes, robberies and murders. We have an excellent memory and we don’t forget.
But we also fight against the defenders of the men of power’s politics and against their world of misery. As revolutionaries, we challenge them and fight against them, we are responsible for our black bullets of justice; and with the same integrity in the struggle that motivated us to challenge the dictatorship we carry on constant conflict.
Our revolutionary sensitivity allows us to open our eyes on the putrefaction and suffering that pass through everyday life in a transversal way. We are not and cannot be indifferent to injustice, inequality, the wealth of the few to the detriment of the many, a lifestyle that legitimizes, helps and supports submission and humiliation in complicity with ignorance cultivated and reproduced in order to be able to survive in the consumerist world. We are facing the results of decades during which the powerful were able to forge their experience in the exercise of submission and control.
These jailers of life are reinventing themselves, enlarging their structures, turning the screws of repression, dictating new laws, making reforms, building more and more prisons, nourishing modern society that feeds on poverty and is profitable from an ideological point of view, and vomiting the politics of social peace on citizens who only serve to sustain the daily luxury of their existence.
The social control they exercise is permanent and any individuality, expression, organization and group that rebels against their democracy with conscience will only get criminalization by the State as a response. We are facing a constant hunt against all forms of rebel, conscious and free life. The State operates in a transversal way by suffocating the breath of children, teenagers and adults. But we are not afraid, nor do we remain insensitive or indifferent.
This desolate scenario of prisons full of children and teenagers, a democratic politic that tries to create public opinion so as to justify murder, rape, hunger and poverty and conceal dirty businesses, is only an example of the reality through which the order State-prison-capital expresses and imposes itself.
Today the urgency of a subversive present takes us away from utopia, resignation, silence and the fake windows of democracy. In prison or in the streets, our rebel march knows how to identify the enemies; we know how to remain always on the offensive, complicit and indomitable for total liberation.
Against the prison State: autonomous and permanent Subversion!
Where there is misery, there will be rebellion!
Juan Aliste Vega
Subversive prisoner
Modulo J-High Security Prison
November 2018

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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