Athens, Greece: DEMOSTRATION CALL 25/1/18 for the 16 migrants arrested at Athens ASOEE

For many years now the pavement of asoee (Athens University of Economics) has been a workplace for a lot of migrants. Those migrants are the ones who managed to reach Greece and ended up in a detention centre or worked in the most underrated jobs, including the “illegal trade” of asoee. The state machine wants to keep them in a regime of unlawfulness because the illegal work force is easily manipulated by the state and the bosses with the constant threat of deportation or with daily police raids against them.
Until now all those tactics used to be a part of everyday life for those who are aware of the conditions at asoee, but in the re-election climate the SYRIZA government made 16 arrests on Thursday 20/12 and Friday 21/12/2018 outside the houses of the migrants exactly as they were on their way to work, with their “illegal” merchandise – so dangerous for the economy of the country and the worldwide economy – with the aim of using them as evidence in order to end the public nuisance issue of asoee.

Until now the SYRIZA government has chosen to follow a more humane-like face in their oppression tactics. This tactic also included the migrant policy renaming migrants refugees, putting merciful NGO’s to do the job of the police while getting huge amounts of state and private sponsors. Inside the frame of state propaganda the dichotomy of the good and the bad migrant, the first category to be filled from the poor refugees who were forced to leave their country and they managed to reach greece while putting their lives at risk (most of them are packed in detention centres like the one of Petrou Ralli and Moria under total state control).
That’s why they are incorporated into this category, because they are more manageable from the state and are also helping the state to make money with the pretext of detention centre construction with the help of subsidies. Of course it is about “honest family leaders who never were a part of illegality and never hurt anyone” and more tearjerking stories to tell in leftist gatherings together with migrant songs while mentioning the Greek national memory. On the other hand we have the migrant who is coming not only to steal our jobs but also to staff the illegal market, as if he has a choice as to where he is going to work, he harasses our women and of course he is behind any criminal action presented on the 8 o’clock news.
All of the above is part of the attempt of the present government to show a political line that differs from that of the previous one.
More specifically, the plan of New Democracy (the previous government) against migrants included security forces, with many kinds of cops, with which they were making spectacular interventions outside asoee.
All of this with the perfect cooperation of the previous headmaster of the university K. Gatsios who wasn’t losing any chance to stamp out the “unlawful”issue of asoee in order to get state money to give to security companies.
The tactic of the new headmaster of the university E. Giakoumakis is not all that different, he is using as a pretence the drug market of Antoniadou street and his cooperation with committees such as the “we insist on Pedio”, the KETHEA and also the organization of events (like OPA Run) trying to make a European-like university. He sees the university of asoee as an expensive fillet with the main target the moving of huge amounts of money through it, he gave the mass media the opportunity to connect the migrants with the drug market and the result was to cause a new and a more upgraded police oppression against the [street] vendors.
It’s nothing new to us that these kinds of actions against the migrants are accepted by a large part of society. The state is militarizing on the inside while turning the national trough by aggression on the “enemy within” trying to achieve social cohesion and destroy whatever is not considered normal by the state. As a result any racist behaviour, from mocking to pogroms, from underrating comments to murder (Petrit Zifle by fascists in Lefkimmi Corfu island ), to be accepted by the majority of the society.
Racist rhetoric has deep roots in Greek minds, even in the more “progressive” parts such as the leftists who when they talk about antifascist and migrant-friendly policies in the best of situations we see “human-like” kinds of migrant extermination with the migrants being locked up in concentration camps with a huge number of suicides. We spit on the nationalist branch and stand against any racist garbage that is raising their hand against migrants.
We stand in solidarity with anyone oppressed by sovereignty and in any attack, just like the recent enterprise against migrants. We will have the last word. The streets were made for us to walk on, society and the motherland can go to hell
Self-managed space of ASOEE (Athens University of Economics)
Anti-authoritarian space of Panteios university
Self-managed space of Polytechnic Solidarians

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