>Prosecutors ALERT has been asked by kastanidis(minister of justice in Greece)


>The minister of justice during his brief salute to the 26th annual meeting of the assosiation of judges and prosecutors, ( the real criminal terrorist union) asked the prosecutors to be on HIGH ALERT in the next hours , without to giving reason for his decision.

However according to information as of tomorow(today)29 November will been mobilizations in all prisons of Greece with mass food denial which will become a hunger strike.
The information was confirmed by the initiative for the rights of prisoners in Greece.
The main problems of the prisoners is the overpopulation of the prisons, the living conditions , medical care, the regime of granting day leaves , the reduction of sentences and the application of an alternative way of serving the sentences.
The prisoners mention that the prisons have a capacity of 9.700 places while the total number of prisoners is 12.600 (7.300 foreigners 5.100 locals and 180 foreigners waiting to be deported)


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