Italy : At Teramo prison on Christmas day

People in solidarity went outside the prison of Teramo on Christmas day, as has been happening for years recently. Particularly on such days, not because of some recurring liturgical event, but just because this is the time of year when prisoners usually ‘feel’ imprisonment more. The sense of separation from outside and the suffering of confinement is greater.
Solidarity as well as the struggle is above all a question of constancy. Of being there. Not just once or twice when you feel like it… but as much as possible, according to the necessities and projects of the struggle.
So constant solidarity with the prisoners of the Teramo prison has made it possible over the years for the people outside to be ‘recognized’ by the prisoners inside. Recognized in the sense of why there are people in solidarity there every time.

Also on Christmas day this year. In spite of the many expulsion orders recently given to comrades, often motivated precisely by solidarity gatherings outside Teramo prison. Repression doesn’t want prison to be talked about or Solidarity to exist. But they are wrong! This time again…
In fact, as we said, on Christmas day people in solidarity went outside the prison in Teramo. Greetings were exchanged with the prisoners. Immediately bar-beating began, only interrupted when someone outside was talking. We said that some prisons are in agitation, we told of what happened in Trento prison a few days earlier when a revolt followed the death of a prisoner. In the prison banging on the bars started again. Outside fireworks started. We exchanged wishes to keep strong, inside and outside, those carrying on the struggle. Outside we said that we should get away before the guards arrived. The prisoners knew it because many times they had seen the cops stopping and taking comrades to the police station. And each time this happened shouts came from the prison against the guards. We left one another with reciprocal shouts of freedom, and inside they shouted ‘Thank you brothers!’ And the people in solidarity managed to get away without anyone being stopped, amidst the metallic noise of banging in Teramo prison on Christmas day.
Inferno Urbano
Translated by act for freedom now!

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