Calvisson (Gard), France: Sawing the feet of the world of authority – January 24, 2019

An electric pylon was sabotaged in the town of Calvisson (Gard) in the early morning of January 24. The iron pylon, with four solid feet, was cut in several places “probably with a power saw or a large power unit”, according to the journalcops. The strength of the wind did the rest, and the structure collapsed a few hours later. Electricity (in this case nuclear), so vital to feed this world of war, control and exploitation, was cut off a few hours before the rest of the network compensated for this loss.
“The criminal identification technicians of the national gendarmerie are on site, this Thursday afternoon, in an isolated area of ​​the town where the events occurred. This case is being taken very seriously by the authorities” add the scribblers, confirming that sabotaging the critical infrastructure of the State and Capital is a by no means negligible track for attacking the world … of authority, exactly.
[Retrieved from local press, 24.01.2019]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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