Leipzig, Germany: Arson Attack Against the Federal Court

During new years’ eve in Leipzig, east Germany, the night of excess was used to carry out an attack on a target that, up until then, had deemed itself heavily protected and untouchable. Every year for the first half hour of the new year the big cities are covered in thick layers of fog and smog, and the never-ending noise of explosions and masses of people who take over the sidewalks and community spaces to get a good look at the fireworks.
The attackers’ goal was the federal court and the state prosecution. This institution figuratively and literally represents the central organ of the judiciary, this state and its democratic society.

200 metres away from the federal court, a burning barricade blocked the crossing, so that the group could carry out the attack on the federal court and the neighbouring fraternity Corps Lusatia without any disturbance. Stones broke the windows of the fraternity house and paint balls were thrown at the facade. The mobile cameras of the court house were sprayed followed by people jumping the fence and trying to break through the security glass. The front door and the window frame were set on fire, sadly the inside of the building was left undamaged. In front of the court, another barricade was set ablaze, cars were smashed and burned. The whole street was covered in smoke released from the cartridges of the attackers.
 A choreography, which led saxony’s attorney general to believe in a high level of professionalism behind the attack. He was very quick to announce a new level of left radical violence. Not only did the delinquents attack the state, but the whole society. Nothing that actually hasn’t been heard before.
Around the new year, several attacks were carried out against state property. For example the arson attack against the district court in Berlin-Wedding  and the district court and the district attorney’s office in Hamburg in the last week of December 2018. In the first weeks of January there were attacks on the Court Building in the south of Germany, Stuttgart  and some days later in Freiburg and against the Court in Göttingen , as an attack against deportations and the racist law regime.
 Let‘s continue to target these institutions.
People get dragged before the courts every day – for as long as we walk these streets we will try to burn down every one of them.

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