Fondettes (Touraine), France : Broken to snatch money

In Fondettes (Touraine), the Swedish group Sandvik (43,000 employees throughout the world, 1 billion 300 million euros in profits in 2017) intends to close the production plant for “carbide inserts” for the industry, and relocate it. The 161 licensees have been fighting since November 2018 not to keep their jobs, but to extract a maximum of money from Sandvik. While the negotiations under the leadership of the CGT and the CGC have dragged on for two months, on January 17 after yet another meeting with the management some disgusted workers visited the offices. They let themselves loose on “the furniture, trolleys and filing cabinets” of the management, but also “damaged pointers and carbide pads, flagship product of the production.”

And there, miraculously, between a CGT fearing that its base would now attack the sacrosanct work tool (the machinery and not just the stock) and a management that understood that its social partner was no longer in control, an agreement was found a few days later (23 January). The voluntary departure bonus will increase from 22,000 to 47,000 euros and employees aged 50 to 54 will receive 30 months’ reclassification leave. Who knows how much they would have managed to scratch by starting there, outside the union framework that condemns on principle all violence “from below”?
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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