Besançon, France: Solidarity fire with those accused in the anti-G20 riots in Hamburg – January 26, 2019

Didn’t you hear?
boom in the night
between Friday and Saturday 26.
It’s past 2h. 1, 2 then 3 explosions in the middle of the night, at the hour when the good workers drown their weeks of exploitation in the bars and clubs of the city centre.
In a parking lot between the CCI and the Jules Haag high school, a Dallmayr truck was burned. Specialized in the distribution of coffees and beverages, this German firm restores the exploited during their break, to make them always more docile and profitable.

These small flames are among others intended for the insurgents of the G20 in Hamburg who are going on trial for the riots of Elbchaussee. Wholeheartedly by your side.
To Kreme who just got out of jail, for a cop car set on fire one day in May 2016.
Complicit smiles.
[Publshed on indymedia nantes, 28.01.2019]

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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