Rostock, Germany: 4 Transport Trucks Belonging to NATO Logistics Partner Deutsche Bahn Torched

In the morning hours of January 29th, we used the cover of darkness to torch four parked Deutsche Bahn transporters, resulting in property damage of 100,000 euros.
Every eviction has its price:
The controversy surrounding the eviction of the Black Triangle project in Leipzig, which was located on unused land owned by Deutsche Bahn, did not pass us by. We don’t want to comment on the allegations as we don’t want to judge them from a distance. There is no denying overt sexist behavior and mockery and our solidarity goes to the victims of these abuses. Nevertheless, it was an attempt to build a space away from the logic of capitalist exploitation. Even though the squatters were controversial, spaces like the Black Triangle are particularly important in a federal state such as Saxony and we were shocked by the lack of solidarity from the ‘scene’ in Leipzig. Our solidarity goes to all radical left-wing projects threatened with eviction, these projects help us come a step closer to our dream of a liberated society.

War against war:
The subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, DB Schenker, together with its partner company ESG Electronic Systems and Logistics Germany, manages a large central warehouse in Kassel-Kaufungen for the Bundesweher (Armed Forces). The central federal warehouse – ZEBEL, has a total area of around 17,000 square meters. From this hub, the supply of civilian companies and military repair facilities that repair the Bundeswehr defense systems and vehicles takes place. DB Schenker gives top priority to war freight transports.
Deutsche Bahn is the leading logistics partner for NATO and responsible for the transport of war supplies to German troops and their partner the fascist Turkish regime. Deutsche Bahn is directly profiting from the war against the Kurdish civilian population and the fight against the YPG / YPJ People’s Defense Units.
Our thoughts are with those who cannot be with us because they are persecuted by the state.
Freedom for everyone!
(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)

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