Athens,Greece : Solidarity motorbike march to the hunger striker Spyros Christodoulou

Monday 11 February at 6pm – Exarchia Square, Athens [postponed from 6 February due to bad weather]
Extract from a text by Spyros Christodoulou:
” Today at 14/1/19 at 10:00 am. I started the hunger strike that I announced earlier and I promise you that I will go to the end, whatever the cost to my health, I don’t give a damn. After all, all real struggles are won with sacrifices. I want you and everyone to know that I thank you from my heart and I will always fight for a dreamed tomorrow, guided by defying law any cost. After all life and death have one point in common with all of us, real, true and honest struggle. “
Immediate satisfaction of the demands of the hunger striker Spyros Christodoulou
Spyro stay strong until freedom
Solidarity assembly for the hunger striker Spyros Christodoulou
Excerpts from a text by anarchist comrade Spyros Christodoulou
Comrades, I greet you all with a warm hug to each and every one of you
individually. A week ago, my lawyer filed a new application to the Athens Court of Appeals, where I was going. I received my application for the merger and sum of my sentences where my base sentence falls in Athens and corresponds to 14 years 11 months and a few days.
I want comrades to thank you once again for all your
solidarity and cooperative activities that you have been doing all this time for me, thank you comrades of  Heraklion Crete Evangelismos squatThe squats of Dougrou Larissa, Utopia a.d. Komotini, the  squats in Bolos the The squats of Chania, Rethymno, in greete Karditsa, Trikala, Thessaloniki, Athens and all the collectives and individuals that have shown their solidarity and comradeship to me.  And also the comrades who from inside the hellholes show their solidarity to me, I tell them strength and freedom to all anarchist and political prisoners.
I continue my Struggle to the end …
Spyros Christodoulou prison of larisas
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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