Athens,Greece:Update from the intervention outside the Petrou Ralli hellhole detention centre on 30/1/2019

After the events of the escape of 5 detainees, the Coordination of collectives and Individuals against Detention Centres (aka SSAEKK) called for a public intervention outside Petrou Ralli detention centre and on Wednesday 30/1/2019 almost 60 comrades stood in front of the hellhole of P.Ralli holding banners in Arabic and Greek, shouting chants for freedom and the opening of every prison cell.
Once again, the authorities of Petrou Ralli showed clearly their stance against the solidarians as well as their efforts to isolate and render invisible the migrant women and men who remain detained there.
Unfortunately, once again we were found ourselves in front of dark cells and shut windows because the cops had made sure to take the migrant people away from the cells that can ‘see’ the road. These windows are the sole communication channel available for the detainees to speak with those who try to support them from the outside. We communicate through megaphones, handwritten notes, and their voices.

These kinds of obstructions in combination with almost restrictive policies on visitation and the banning of mobile phones, aim to keep migrant detainees even more isolated. To make them invisible to the outside world, and further intensify their agony and alienation from the society. They aim to keep them away from having any contact with the solidarity movement, to halt every attempt to strengthen the struggles from the inside, to stop any updates and news from coming out so that it won’t become known how these people are tortured, made to live under despicable conditions and are detained simply because they do not possess any papers.
As long as Petrou Ralli and all the concentration camps and prisons remain open we will stand in solidarity with the prisoners and against the(ir) tormentors using any means possible.
We will invent ways to bring their voices out, to support their struggles, to fight for freedom, until every prison has been destroyed…
Coordination of collectives and Individuals against Detention Centres

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