Switzerland: a poster in solidarity with the comrade arrested in Zurich


Poster reads :


with the anarchist comrade arrested in Zurich

 On January 29 an anarchist comrade was arrested in Zurich and accused of having set fire to army vehicles ( véhicules de l’armée ) and a police radio station (station-radio de la police ), and, by putting up a poster inside the anarchist library Fermento (en accrochant une affiche à l’intérieur de la bibliothèque anarchiste Fermento ) having called for crimes to be committed  against the Bässlergut detention centre currently under construction in Basel and against the Police and Justice Centre in Zurich. After entering the comrade’s flat, the cops forced open the Fermento library, taking away the computers with them. At the moment the comrade is being held in the temporary police jail and the investigating judge will decide on whether or not he will be remanded in custody.
What matters is not knowing if he is responsible for the deeds being alleged against him but the fact that this represents an attack against all of us, and against the anarchist ideas expressed clearly at Fermento: it is an attempt to spread fear and silence, in the face of which we should remain isolated and incapable of moving because any individual who expresses solidarity with potentially inflammable ideas – in word or deed – could be next in the viewfinder.
Let us not accept that and continue, and categorically so, to bring to the streets the revolt against this oppressive existent.
Because each text, each paper, each slogan on the walls, each stone, each fire, each rebellion against the authoritarians shows that the ideas opposing the logic of domination cannot be locked up!
Numerical superiority, as well as weapons, does not count much in comparison with human intelligence and practical ingenuity. A few cables burned at the right place and at the right time by one person offer the opportunity to plunge an entire army into chaos, to transform a situation that seems frozen in something new, different and unpredictable.
[ 06.02.2019]
Translated from French by Act for freedom now!

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