Italy – Hourriya issue 5 – ‘Breaking ranks. Against war, against peace, for social revolution’

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‘Perhaps now more than ever the world needs the enlivening blow of anarchism; now more than ever I see the necessity to break the rules, discipline, the law’, a comrade wrote on the eve of the Second World War. Today wars, the other face of the bloodstained peace of merchants, progress and production, continue to devastate the world, and perhaps still today there’s the need of the strident cry of anarchy which opposes all forms of power, breaks the ranks of totalitarian and democratic States, gazes into the horizon in order to stop massacres wherever it is produced. War, control, repression, exploitation, the militarization of minds, sectarian hatred, technological maelstrom are all aspects of a dominion in constant redevelopment, which this pamphlet intends to analyse while at the same time it ventures in the paths of present and past action against their war… and against their peace.
Original French version, 158 pages
2 euros per copy, 1.50 euros for distributors
We remind that the first four issues in Italian of the project ‘Hourriya, internationalist anarchist pamphlets, are still available:
1. Revolutionary echoes from Syria. Conversation with two anarchists from Aleppo
2. Affinity and informal organization
3. The unforeseen. From the centre to the suburbs
4. Journey to the abyss. Random reflexions on the techno world
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Inferno Urbano  2019
Translated by act for freedom now!

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