Italy : TURIN, 7TH FEBRUARY 2019.

Translated by act for freedom now!
8th February 2019
Thursday 7th February: police storm the Asilo squat in Turin with the intention of closing down yet another place of freedom and conflict, with arrest warrants against comrades who for years have been active in the struggle against the system of the State’s concentration camps known as C.P.R. [Migrants’ Reception and Repatriation Centres]. The charges against all those arrested are subversive association and, at different levels, instigation to commit a crime, possession, fabrication and transport of explosive devices.
Thursday 7th February is another day of attack in the State’s offensive against the exploited and those who rebel. A few days after the shameful parade made by brave captain [Salvini, the minister of the interior] dressed as a playmobil in the TAV building sites, the ministry of terror erects another day of lined-up platoons, clinking handcuffs, militarized neighbourhoods. As in Giambellino, as in Cosenza a month ago, the goal is to extirpate anyone who might represent an alternative to desperation and resignation in this country.  To strike those who represent a real obstacle to the spreading of the machinery of fear with which they want to pave the way more and more to the domination of the bosses’ mafia, the speculative interests of the usual Mr Lavazza and Mr Benetton and the triumph of the new yellow-green lords.

In fact the Asilo squat is a problem for those who for years have wanted to turn the neighbourhood of Aurora and surroundings into a new playground for estate agencies, for those who in the name of redevelopment are taking a piece of the city away from its inhabitants in order to give it to the logic of profit. Years of struggle against evictions, years of resistance to anti-immigration raids, years of unconditional support to those deprived of freedom. Years of repression, which have never crushed the comrades who have always resisted.
At the same time they triggered the umpteenth operation relating to article 270: subversive association. The fact that those who fight against the system have no difficulty in recognizing themselves in the aim of subverting the regime is plain and clear. However we know that article 270, alongside other instruments the State gives itself, is used ad hoc by police and judges to strike those in struggle. And those who for years have been in the streets, not only to denounce and attack the interests that  behind the system of repatriation and deportation have produced a progressive barbarization of public conscience against the migrant, ‘the different’, the ‘foreigner’, are the first targets of the enemy. We believe that the Turin prosecutors’ attack is not an isolated event, but it is the sign of a phase where all forms of resistance are [repression’s] targets.
We believe that every day it’s more and more urgent to set up a response to the system of the old and new bosses. We live surrounded by horror: dead bodies in the sea met with exultation, people killed by police in the streets, shots at those whose skin is a different colour to the western pallor, a system of slavery increasingly regulated and legitimized, the reign of falsehood which every day rewrites a page of sur-reality where people’s consciences and intellects are made to drown.
We ask all, and first of all ourselves, for a dash of dignity and anger.
We ask all to take full responsibility for what solidarity means: to feel yourself hurt when they strike a part of your class; to take the burden and the difficulties that those who struggle on your side can no longer bear. Solidarity is revolutionary only if it’s real, and a revolution can only become real if it’s based on solidarity.
We’ll participate in a gathering on Sunday 10th February outside the CPR of Ponte Galeria [Rome], and we call on everybody to do the same, so as to be on the side of those who for years have been taking part in this struggle, and because the attack on the comrades from Turin is also an attack on those who experience in first person the abuse the comrades have always opposed with courage and generosity.
Let’s take to the streets on Sunday 10th February, let’s bring solidarity to the prisoners of the CPR of Ponte Galeria, let’s look one another in the eye and plan a response together.
We welcome with pride the resistance carried out in Turin.
With lively thoughts to the comrades who are being taken by carabinieri in these hours.
With lively thoughts to all those who are already hostages of the state.
Freedom for all
Rete Evasioni

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