>Thessaloniki: blockading of the National Bank of Greece – Solidarity to Giannis Dimitrakis



open assembly for the promotion of solidarity
In the frame of the greek call for solidarity actions to comrade Giannis Dimitrakis ahead of his court of appeals on december 6th we blockaded the national bank that is on egnatia street in central thessaloniki near kamara. After the end of the action the whole of group that was in the action went around egnatia street putting up posters, giving out pamphlets and throwing flyers all around.
Those that we want to provoke and ask to take a position is society itself on who is really the enemy and who is really the criminal.
Salome has undressed of her veils”

We are with Giannis
We will become the beast (play on the words of an old greek saying)

Solidarity Assembly

the banner says “would you rob a bank if you were invisible?
freedom to Giannis Dimitrakis” 

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