Greece,Athens : Gathering at Omonoia Police station 21/2/19 for the murder of a Nigerian

As a minimum solidarity move, we participate to the gathering tomorrow at 13:00 at Police Station of Omonoia and we republish the announcement of United African Women Organization.
Cops fascists Murders
A few days ago, a Nigerian man from our community was killed in Athens in Omonia by the greek police. He was beaten to death.
We need to go out and shout. We have to do something now, or else it will be worse after.
It is not the first time this has happened. We already know two others in our community killed in a similar way recently by police violence. And many more before them have been murderer, some of whom we will never know. On an every day basis, we hear of police violence towards people of African decent, where the police beats people and leaves them on the street to die. We cannot remain silent anymore about these murders.
Ebuka was the father of two children, one of which was a newborn baby. He is mourned by his wife, his children, his community. We are in solidarity with his family and his loved ones.
The police is not protecting us. As African Community in Greece we are constantly feeling that our lives are at risk.

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