Athens, Greece: Solidarity Assembly Friday 22 February, for the Repressive Eviction of Asilo Occupato in Turin

There will be an update on the new repressive operations that took place yesterday (19.2) in Trento, Italy, against comrades as a continuation of the suppressive doctrine of “zero tolerance” demonstrated by the Salvian government against the “enemy within”. There will be talks about solidarity movements in the occupation and the imprisoned comrades and an exchange of political considerations about the importance of persecution and the political context in which  they take place.
On Thursday 7/2, the police invaded strong forces in the occupation of Asilo in Turin. About 600  riot -cops who arrived from all over northern Italy, vacated a place occupied since 1995 which has been part of organizing many social struggles (against the evictions and the rebuilding of the old working class areas by the “big owners” of Turin, against the centres of “detention” of immigrants, against the TAV).
The police appeared not only for the eviction of Asilo but also for the arrest of 6 comrades under 270 of the penal code on “subversive action”, a repressive method that has been used to hit anarchists in Italy for many years. Although in several previous cases prosecutors have failed to back up this particular charge, which has often collapsed in the courtroom, this does not deny the fact that the detention of comrades can last up to two years.
Friday 22 February, 19:00 – Polytechnic, university  building Gini
Strength to the comrades who have been jailed.
Internationalist front of solidarity against the terrorism of State and capital.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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