Athens, Greece : Occupation of the Italian Institute of Culture in solidarity with the Asilo Occupato eviction in Turin

Today (22/2/19) at noon a symbolic occupation took place at the Italian Institute of Culture in Athens. Texts were shared, leaflets were thrown inside and outside the building, two banners were put up in Greek and Italian and were also emailed from the institute’s address to the state-owned Italian services. This move is a minimal sign of solidarity with the arrested comrades during the eviction of Asilo Occupato in Turin but also over the following days, within the framework of the general repression and the war launched by the Italian state and capital against those who resist.
With this move, we declare ourselves in solidarity and accomplices with the prisoners and comrades accused under Article 270.
freedom  for Antonio, Lorenzo, Silvia, Giada, Niccolò, Giuseppe
Solidarity with Asilo Occupato
 Fire to all prisons!

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