Look around you, but do it with your own eyes. Do you see how the planet has become a giant industrial dump? Do you see how the States are choking your minds and bringing war and mas­ sacres everywhere? Do you see how everything around us is based on the exploitation and op­ pression of millions of people? Can you still keep track of the millions of deaths that give rise to all skyscrapers, supermarkets and factories? The hungry, the drowned, the massacred, the bombarded, the tortured, the intoxicated, do you see all these mountains of corpses?
Perhaps. Because everything is made so that you to see nothing. You are exploited at work, you fulfill tasks of which the meaning escapes you, without the minimum satisfaction. You help produce harmful objects, toxic food, tools of death, useless goods. You keep a close eye on your fellow man, keeping him on a leash through bureaucracy, documents, benefits. You are controlled in every moment of your life, followed by thousands of cameras, numbed by thou­ sands of drugs and distractions. You are rotting on the inside, since you live with and thanks to technological devices that dominate you. You don’t even want anything that is not already pre-formatted, you no longer desire anything that is not already displayed on a screen. Ulti­ mately, you do nothing but obey.
It­ is to you that these words are addressed. Because we also recognize ourselves in this dark picture. It takes courage to look things in the face, to be able to look at oneself in the mirror. What have we become?
 The enemies of freedom are strong. The State has at its disposal means of coercion and con­ trol (from the police force to the army, from prison to school, from bureaucracy to courthouses). The capitalists never stop the progress of enhancing exploitation. The researchers add a new bar every day to our technological cage. The politicians, religious bosses, the intellectuals in the service of order keep control over the human herds.
But look, nothing is completely lost. From the bottom of our hearts, we are convinced of this. Because quite different things also catch our eye. Yesterday, it was entire regions which rose up to the cry of freedom; today a wave of revolt is sweeping through France and elsewhere. Handfuls of insurgents are launching attacks in all corners. Police barracks are burning. Com­ panies are burning. Construction sites of new horrors are burning. Institutions are burning. Lab­ oratories are burning. Relay antennas are burning. Rage is showing its teeth.
Nothing is completely lost. Each individual holds within them the choice to rise up. Alone or with others, but always confronting power, struggling. It is the challenge of freedom that awak­ ens an affronted dignity, a trampled life, a shattered dream. This is why anarchists fight, as ene­ mies of all power, to re-awaken freedom, a freedom that will come with a knife clenched be­ tween the teeth.
At the end of January 2019, in mountainous Switzerland, an anarchist was thrown in prison. He is accused of having incited revolt against power, and of having acted against the State, militarism and war, specifically by burning ten vehicles of the Swiss army on the military base of Hinwill in 2015 and by setting fire to a police network antenna in Zurich in 2016.
The anarchist who has been taken hostage by the State is our comrade. In solidarity with him, we continue to combine liberating thought with destruc­ tive acts, never losing sight of our enemy. In solidarity with all anarchists facing repression, we continue onwards on the revolutionary paths of the only war worth fighting: the war against all oppressors and exploiters, the war for freedom. Let’s give life the exquisite elevation of the rebellion of our hands and spirits.
Solidarity with anarchist prisoners
Death to the State
Anarchists from Zurich, Franche-Comté, Alsacian lowlands and Vosgian massif, the Meuse, Paris and banlieue, Marseille, Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, South London, Occidental Alps, Trieste, Rome, Milano, Pisa, Napoli,  Salento, Sicily, Montréal.

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