Crete, Heraklion: Taking Responsibility for sabotage of ATMs

Each and every one of us chooses a way to forward his/her refusal against the normality of an indifferent society, the oppression of power and the impoverisation of the capitalist model of which the regulators are the banks. Some of these people empty them out, others burn them, others sabotage them.

So we too, on the dawn of Monday 11/02, chose to “cancel the operation” of 22 bank ATMs in the centre and suburbs of Heraklion city, sabotaging the machines as a least act of solidarity to Spyros Christodoulou, hunger striker from 14/01, for the most basic and self-explanatory reason.




PS. we are not surprised that the action has been concealed by the local media when Spyros’s struggle has been met with the same silence by all mainstream media throughout Greece.

Collusion for solidarity

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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