Athens, Greece : Taking responsibility for a raid attack


Anarchist Spyros Christodoulou is on hunger strike since 14/01 demanding the merging of his sentences. Being held hostage by the court, his sentence will be prolonged for another ten years if his demand is not met although his other court cases are over.

The reasons that he is being kept in prison are the obsessions, vengeful ness and law machinations of his persecutors, with second-degree prosecutor Drakos in the lead. The stance of the judicial system against Spyros Christodoulou isn’t random but aims for the exemplary punishment of everyone behind bars who isn’t reformed or doesn’t repent.
For all the above reasons we chose to carry out a raid attack with heavy hammers against the central offices of the national insurance company and the nearby national bank in Syggrou avenue. An avenue full of offices of capitalist giants, of centres of women’s exploitation and total control either by police forces and mob groups or by cameras.

Our solidarity doesn’t end in empty threats and easy trash-talking, but builds its flesh and bones through multi-formed direct action. With our act we want to contribute to the escalation of solidarity actions towards the acceptation of the demands of the comrade, who has been on hunger strike for one month now.

Strength and solidarity to hunger striker Spyros Christodoulou




Translated by Act for freedom now!

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