Florence, Italy : Updates on the trial ”Operation Panico” and new calendar

12th February: start of the discussion on the New Year Eve’s events. Witnesses for the prosecutor (Digos officers) and for the defence (Digos officers and a bomb disposal expert) gave statements on the reconstruction of the events.
14th February: discussion on DNA. Consultants for the prosecutor and the defence (geneticists) gave their statements. If you are interested in a detailed summary of this hearing, write to the Panico email (panico2@inventati.org).
21st February: hearing concerning the charge of organized crime; witnesses for the prosecution (Digos officers). The novelty, as for the investigation papers, was the insistence on the links between the comrades from Florence and those arrested in Turin and Trentino.

28th February: one of the prisoners did not renounce being transferred to court for the trial. At the start of the hearing the news came that he was unwell and couldn’t attend. But the judge decided to wait for the response of the prison administration regarding his presence. Finally, it was reported that the prisoner had gastroenteritis and therefore he wouldn’t appear; at this point the hearing was cancelled. 
However they reworked the calendar of the trial:
7th March  – Conclusion of the prosecutor’s witnesses (Digos officers on the crime of association); prosecutor’s cross-examination of the defendants. Start of the defence’s side.
12th March – Statements from the defence’s consultants concerning the events on New Year Eve’s events. New statement from the police geneticist; it was announced that she had worked again on the tests that had been  contested by our geneticist, but without mentioning the results. 
13th March – Cancelled
14th March – Discussion on the transcripts of environmental interceptions if these have been submitted; otherwise the hearing will be cancelled. 
4th April – Summing up of the civil parties and the prosecutor. 
11th and 12th April – Summing up of the defence 
18th April – Sentencing
We still don’t know about the imprisoned comrades’ presence in court; Paska and Ghespe are not likely to be present any longer.
Solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated in Operation ‘Renata’ in Trentino, with those arrested/investigated in operation ‘Scintilla’ in Turin, those of Scripta Manent and all those who don’t bow down in these times of State repression. 
via: autistici.org/cna
Translated by act for freedom now!

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