Trentino, Italy : Let it be known: a communique from Trentino

During the anti-anarchist maxi-operation of February 19 and the days that followed, some things happened which should be made public, without whining or victimization.
During last Tuesday’s raids, one of the arrested comrades was forced to kneel by a carabiniere or policeman pointing a gun at his head.
During another raid police tried to get into a basement before waking comrades in their home, then secretly complained that they hadn’t managed to hide what they had intended.

When the raid was over, with one comrade in custody and the others at the police station, police in plain clothes were found still in the home of those searched by some other comrades who had just been released. Also, the door of the anarchist place ‘El Tavan’, which comrades had locked after the raid, was found unlocked an hour later.
When a public meeting in solidarity with those arrested was going on, the house of Bosco di Civezzano – where another comrade lived as well as the four who had been arrested – was placed under sequestration. As a consequence, Digos and ROS can get in and out without any control. Still on Friday 22nd February, another house was raided while comrades were out.
Some landlords of houses where comrades under investigation live have been threatened by Digos and ROS with the aim of getting the comrades evicted. 
A word to the wise.
25th February 2019
Anarchists in Trento and Rovereto
Translated by act for freedom now!

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